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Laptop, Ipad & Computer Repairs in Poole

We provide Mac, Ipad, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile and PC repairs in Poole and surrounding areas. We can diagnose and repair software and hardware issues including hard drive replacement, system upgrades and operating system reinstallations. AnyTech Solutions was started in 2004 by Chris & Vivienne Palmer. We have over 23 years experience in the computing industry, making our client service impeccable and professional, our current Checkatrade rating is 9.9 out of a maximum 10 score.

We have realised the great potential for customer satisfaction that remote PC support holds, and so offer this feature to any customer with a functioning internet connection. It is our aim to provide our customers the greatest service possible, and our excellent feedback proves this.

Whether you need assistance with a PC at home, or if you need a problem solved within a network at a business simply call us on 01202 460279.

Business Support Services

Business IT Support in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas of Dorset. We specialise in providing the best customer service experience while delivering the right IT service that your business requires. We are also very aware of budget constraints and are well versed in stretching your pounds to their maximum. We do not sell services or hardware for the sake of it and we are driven by facilitating your success through suitable solutions that are tailored to your business.

Office networks are just one of our specialities. Building a reliable fast office network means starting with a foundation of switches and routers. Your office network is the single most important part of your modern day office.

When building an office network, it's important to determine the best foundation for your company's needs. We listen to what your company does and how it does it - then and only then do we provide the right solutions tailored to your exacting needs.